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CONventure is a webcomic about a fictional anime convention. Smookie and Mookie

attend CONventure every year. This time they bring Wookie a real cat girl from Nekoland. Rival KOKO a CWW cosplay champ has finalley found her match. KOKO trolls Smookie and challenges her to a cosplay battle. 

Smookie's gaol this year is to take a picture of Sailor CON Venture a crew member of Sailor Time Bandits a group of time and space pirates that are part of CONventure's main show.

How I came about to make CONventure as a webcomic. I have been attending anime cons for a long time and thought how cool it would be to make a webcomic about an an anime convention. CONventure is a take off of two local conventions me and my brother attend every year. I wanted to go beyond the con box and express my creativity to tell a story about a webcomic that fels with an anime touch to indulge the worlds of comic conventions.

I have been drawing traditional since I was a litle tike. CONventure is being dran digitally using


My new system now I own HP Pavilon Gaming PC NIVIDIA Geforce RTX200 intel CORE i5. 

I like to play retro video console games. Big into retro cartoons, anime comedy's cyberpunk some gl, pop-culture genres.

Why I love going to anime conventions, taking lot, lots of pics of cosplay, and lately I've been taking videos. I plan to create cosplay music videos of all the anime conventions I attended over the years from Minneaplis Minnesota.



PANELS: I usally attend at anime cons, is art related and comic creating with the creators themselves giving tidbits of how to comics, how to SHOWCASE, advertise your works online, and breaking into the comic industry.

GUESTS: I have a few favorites if they are on the anime cons schedule I'll attend their panel tune into what they say during cons. I'm not to into autographs unless they don't charge for sgning, or if the guest I absolutely must.

EVENTS: The Masquerade, or cosplay contest, cosplay-chess, cosplay-wrestling.

I'm a night owl night time is when I make a pot of coffee and start drawing, comicing on my computer. During the day I work part time.

I'm more of a laid back down to earth person always have a big inspiraional of drawing comics about anime conventions, and video games.

To kill time I doodle some charcters in my sketchbooks when not on the computer. 

Due to the pandemic I stayed home for a few years from the cons. I'll return to the cons make more video content when all of the COVID mandates are expired.

Noe I'm gonna make a pot of coffee and back to creating more comics.

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