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Badge Pick Up

Smookie Mookie and Wookie are at CONventure in the registration line waiting to pick up their badge.


Program Guide

CONventure's program guide is a hologuide the D-pad controllers guides you through the hologuide.


Opening Ceremonies:

Opening Ceremonies: CONventure is state of the art with drone pods, holograms to give a taste of the future for con-goers to enjoy.

Sailor Time Bandits Show_EP4.jpg

Sailor Time Bandits Show:

Sailor Time Bandits Show. Introduction to the Sailor Time Bandits.


ACT 1 The Show Begins

The first act of The Sailor Time Bandits CONventure's opening show after the opening ceremonies. These actors are portraying younger Sailor Con Venture as her dad gives her a key to the Pirate Time Ship, and a book that details the time and space voyages and mystery crew she has to venture through time and space.


ACT 2 Mermaid's Song

ACT 2 Mermaid's Song: Namikokie, the time has come for her new CAPTAIN to arrive.

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